Starfare is a free real-time sci-fi strategy game published in 2010. Build large battle ships and take control over the asteroids, before your opponent does!

In the future mankind encounters another lack of resources which eventually leads into war. In the aftermath, the people of the earth find an alternate source to satisfy their need for resources: Asteroids that contain energy-rich materials. Each asteroid can only have one mining unit on it - A basic task in Starfare is to locate and destroy hostile mining units and deploy the own ones on their asteroids.


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Third-party video by Narhwal Pro, thanks!


28.6 MB self-extracting archive

Click the button to begin your donwload. Remember, you will need around 300 MB free space on your hard drive to extract the game.

Installation guide

  1. Double-click the archive and select a folder you want to extract the game to.
  2. You're done! Open the folder and double-click Starfare.exe to play.


Is the game free?
Yes it is.

Are there any system requirements?
You should own any DirectX 7 compatible video card as well as a 2 GHz CPU.

Can I play on Linux or OSX?
Unfortunately not, the game is for Windows only.

I get 'Memory Access Violation' error.
You should re-download and extract the game. If it's still not working, the game might be incompatible with your machine.

I get 'Unable to create 3D scene' error.
Possibly your video card is incompatible.

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